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Destination Future

Dubai, UAE

About Us

About Us

Mission Statement : “We are on a mission to transform legacy to redefine the future by utilizing state of the art technological advances to increase productivity, reduce time to market, delivering instant Return on Investment (ROI)”

Founded in May 2018 in Dubai World Central Logistics City, Dubai, UAE. Argus Systems is an independent Technology Consulting, Marketing Management & Software Development Firm established with the idea of Transforming Legacy to Redefine the Future.


The word Argus is the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek word Argos it refers to the all-seeing guardian with hundred eyes. The philosophy and the foundation of the company is based on the all-seeing eyes of God a concept representing a vision to take the brands, products, services & customers it associates with to Omniscient meaning having infinite awareness, understanding, insight and universal knowledge.


We are an independent manufactures representative firm focused on IP Video Surveillance Systems, Internet of Things(IoT), Physical Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence specializing in providing manufacturers a platform to launch their products in Middle East, Africa & Indian Subcontinent Markets. 

Vision Statement : ”Being Argus eyed we are keen sighted, observant and vigilant. Our ability to have Infinite Awareness, Understanding, Insight and Universal Knowledge opens the door to Unlimited Possibilities

SIRA approved License for Security Equipment & Devices

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Rohit Khubchandani

Influencer, Disruptive Technology Investor,

Novice Trader, Technologist

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Rohit Khubchandani  aka @rkbond007 our Founder, CEO & Principal Consultant brings to Argus Systems over 25+ years of experience from various proficiencies that include Marketing, Public Relations, Preforming Arts, Entertainment, Event Management, Sales & Business Development, Web & Information Technology, Physical Security, Video Security, IP Video Surveillance and beyond. 

Having traveled and spent time in 35+ countries, a true Global Nomad -Traveller & Explorer, an Argus Eyed Nostradamus, Magic Lover.​ A Novice Retail Trader & DIY Investor - Investing in Disruptive Technologies.

Mr. Khubchandani has been based in Dubai, UAE now for over 20+ years he is extremely familiar with Middle Eastern, African & Indian subcontinental markets with personal relationships with various end users, consultants & manufacturers across these regions. 

Mr. Khubchandani has worked and represented some of the leading security industry & infrastructure manufacturers including Milestone Systems, Avigilon, Pivot3, DDN Storage & many more. His leadership & vision makes Argus a unique startup pioneer transforming legacy to redefine the future.

“We are on a mission to Transform Legacy to Redefine the Future by utilizing state of the art technological advances, Being Argus eyed we are keen sighted, observant and vigilant. Our vision is to take the brands, products, services & customers we associates with to Omniscient meaning having infinite awareness, understanding, insight and universal knowledge.  ”  - Rohit Khubchandani,


Our Solutions

Video Surveillance & Internet of Things (IoT)


The growing demand for safety in urban environments is supported by monitoring using video surveillance. However, the industry is changing and solutions are moving past basic alarm monitoring. The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping create safer cities, homes and businesses by enabling both private and public organizations to securely and remotely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time with smart surveillance solutions. Future security surveillance essentially combines three Argus focused technologies that will completely change the game: computer vision, automation and deep-learning, driven by powerful processors and apps on cameras in the IoT. 

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


The times when video surveillance systems only deliver video, that must also be continuously observed by humans, are over. Machines able to record and analyze video data in one go are already available, and they can provide security managers with deep insights instead of single pieces of information. There are already sophisticated frameworks available that simplifies developing deep learning models, such as Google's Tensorflow, Microsoft’s Custom Vision and IBM’s PowerAI Vision. Argus focuses on offering customized deep learning solution methods based on artificial neural networks. This enables the automation in standard solutions by embedding the analysis into processes. 

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. With the recent advances in cloud technologies, opportunity for the utilization of virtualization and the opportunity for distributed computing techniques of cloud storage have increased, Argus offers Cloud Compute solutions that are capable to support from the standard IT requirements up to a high-resolution video surveillance management system. 


Our Partners

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Market Coverage

Market Coverage

From our hub in Dubai,  UAE we cover the complete Middle Eastern, African & Indian Subcontinent region including the following key markets –   UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, 

Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.


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