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An all-in-one solution for visualization

Wider Multivision system is a business solution for collective interactive collaboration, data monitoring, outstanding presentations, immersive videocall experiences and advertising needs.

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About Wider

Wider Multivision system is an innovative and most advanced solution for visualization.

Projection monoblock with a panoramic screen and active equipment on board.

Laser display technologies provide high clarity and contrast of content, safety for eyes during many hours of work.

Mobile structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, transported in a special transportation case. 

Wider for your business

Wider Multivision system brings new level of productivity to your business.

Office environments

  • Video communications

  • Presence effect

  • Online collaboration

  • Visualisation discovery

  • Interactive teamwork

  • Solution for synergy

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Wider for security applications

Rapidly deploy multi channel video control & monitoring solutions in any environment.

Security monitoring

  • Multi-channel video control

  • GPS monitoring

  • Interactive work with maps

  • Security scheduling

  • Simultaneous work with all subsystems, integration into the existing network


Latest Generation Laser throw projector & short seamless screen that is up to 123" wide.


High end PC components inside, flawless performance for all your professional needs


Equipped with up to 200W stereo speakers


Collapsable Design, comes with a transportation case, table.

Discover Wider 
in under 2 minutes

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