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Innovative payment technology to process payment by Faces

While many banks and financial institutions have adopted facial recognition as a means of customer verification, the retail industry has been slow to capitalize on this trend.


To enable retailers to streamline payments and improve their customer’s experience, We created Face Pay POS Terminal.


It is the first payment terminal to allow customers to pay securely using facial biometrics and traditional payment methods, such as cards and magnet stripes via in-store smart devices. A unique and complete contactless solution, the Face Pay POS Terminal is vendor agnostic, portable, and available to a range of industry sectors via their chosen systems integrator, making it suitable for a vast range of applications, including restaurants, delivery couriers, gas stations, sports venues, airport lounges, and much more.


Key Features

  • Payment Technology to process payments by faces.

  • Facial Recognition.

  • Less than 1 second on 1.2 Billion faces database

  • NIST Top 5.

  • 1st Place in BORDER Control Application.


  • Tested in large volumes across the world.

  • 3000 terminals - 670 000 customers- 2 million USD weekly transactions.

  • 40% in luxury places done by faces.

  • Zero Chargebacks over 2 years lifecycle.

  • Twins - Could have additional internal procedures for verification.

  • Terminal features :

  • Certified by Visa & Mastercard

  • Captures the best faces and adds it to the transaction.

  • Secure data transfer to the back office.

  • Touchless.

  • Comparable with fingerprint authentication.

  • Back office - Easy to integrate using REST API

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  • Save OPEX

  • Save on transaction costs.

  • Decrease Fraud.

  • Visual Proof of Payer.

  • Simplify the payment flow.

  • Can’t forget or discharge your face.

  • Loyalty Program and Payments in single wallet.

  • Increase the amount of sales since its easier to make.

  • More control to money spending inside the country.

  • Independence from international money services


Banking & Finance


Retail & Hospitality



Certified BY

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